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Parking on Campus

All vehicles are required to obtain and properly display a parking decal for the current academic year in order to park on the Shepherd University campus.

Those with a DMV issued handicap license plate or hangtag may park in any handicap parking space on campus unless specified as F/S only.  Current Shepherd University Parking Decal is also required in order to park on campus.

Anyone seeking a temporary handicap decal needs to go through his/her personal physician and state DMV.

Parking Map

There are designated areas on campus to park depending on your parking decal. Please view the  Campus Parking Map to find out where you are able to park your vehicle.

*Parking in front of Ikenberry Hall is for Admissions patrons only and requires an Admissions issued pass in order to park.

Student Parking

Parking Decals

Parking areas on the Shepherd University campus are identified by letter and color coded signage. Parking decals must be purchased from the University Police Department.

Decals are $70 ($35 after January 1st) and last for the academic year.


 Purchase your student parking decal NOW by US mail or email!

 By U.S. Mail:

Send all information listed below to:

 SUPD / PO Box 5000 / Shepherdstown, WV  25443     

By Email:

Email all information listed below to:

Decals  are to be affixed to the driver’s side, outside, back windshield, lower corner. 

                               Previous years decals are to be removed.

Motorcycle Parking Decals

Motorcycles are required to have a parking decal for the current academic year in order to park on campus. Decals are $70 ($35 after January 1) and need to be affixed to the front windshield or front fork facing out.

Temporary Vehicle Registration

A valid temporary registration (whether from the dealer or the DMV) may be used to register your vehicle.  If a vehicle is registered with dealer tags, please stop by the police department once permanent registration is acquired so that your vehicle information may be updated.

Student Employees

A student employee is permitted to park in the lots assigned for his/her parking decal only.

Temporary Accommodations

Those requiring temporary accommodations as a result of surgery or injury who are not seeking accommodations through the DMV are to contact

Accessibility Services: Jessica Anders, Director

High School Dual Enrollment Students

High School Dual Enrollment students may purchase a commuter decal for $70 ($35 after January 1st) which will last the academic year, or they may register for a free temporary semester parking pass.  Commuter decals will permit the student to park in any commuter lot on campus; semester passes are lot restrictive to H-lot.

To register for a parking pass, mail or email completed application, copy of vehicle registration and copy of driver’s license to the Shepherd University Police Department using instructions above.    You may also bring the information to the Shepherd University Police Department during business hours.  All vehicles must be registered and display a current parking decal in order to park on campus.  Please let the Police Department Administrative Office know that you are a High School Dual Enrollment student.

Replacement Decals

If you are no longer going to drive the currently registered vehicle, a replacement decal may be purchased.  Bring the following to the University Police Department:

If the old decal is not returned, the cost of the new decal will be $70 ($35 after January 1).*

Temporary Change of Vehicle

If you are driving a non-registered vehicle for a TEMPORARY period of time, bring the registration of the non-registered vehicle and your Rambler to receive a temporary (one week) pass. Three temporary one week passes are issued to University registered vehicles per semester.

EPTA Information and Schedule

Faculty/Staff Parking

Faculty and Staff members are required to display a current F/S hangtag while parked on campus.  This hangtag permits parking in specified areas and lots on campus.

Current Employees Once again this year instead of issuing new Faculty/Staff decals we will be updating the expiration date of your current hang tag.  Beginning July 1, we are requesting both current and new Faculty/Staff go to our website to print out the application, make a copy of your driver’s license & vehicle registration(s) and send via university mail to obtain and update your hang tag. For current Faculty/Staff please remember to include your current hang tag. Your information will be verified, updated and we will send back your updated hang tag.

You can also complete the application online and send it to  along with a copy of your driver’s license and vehicle registration(s). The hangtag will still need to be sent by interoffice mail or USPS mail with a self addressed, stamped envelope or in order to be updated and sent back to you.

Replacement Hangtag If a F/S hangtag is lost or destroyed, please come to the University Police Department to complete an affidavit and receive a new hangtag.  There is a $10 replacement fee for F/S hangtag

Faculty-and-Staff Application

Temporary Parking Permit Request Form


Temporary visitor permits are available at the police department for those visiting campus. Visitors will need to bring a valid vehicle registration and driver’s license to the Police Department Parking Services office upon arrival to campus to obtain a pass.  Vehicles must be registered with the University Police in order park on campus and will be permitted to park in H-Lot.

Students and staff who know ahead of time that a visitor is coming to campus may bring a copy  of the visitor’s registration and driver’s license to the University Police Department Parking Services office to receive a temporary pass for the visitor to park in H-Lot.  Acceptable forms of paperwork include a picture (text or email) or photocopy – written text of information will not be accepted.

Campus Parking Map

Parking, Vehicle and Grounds Regulations

Bicycles/Electric Scooters on Campus

The Shepherd University Police Department strongly recommends that you register your bicycle or electric scooter if you wish to bring one on campus. In order to do so, please fill out an application and turn it into the police department to receive a free decal. The bicycle decal is to be affixed on the bike frame facing forward.

Bicycle, Electric Scooter Permit

Wellness Center

Wellness Center parking permit applications and day passes are issued at the Wellness Center. Parking decals are to be hung from the rearview mirror and be clearly visible from the road.  Wellness Center community member parking is permitted in G-lot non-faculty spaces.  Please note signage.

Local High School Swim Team Members

Parking for members of the local high school swim teams during practices and meets is available in H-lot (free) and G-lot ($35 October-February).  Parking decals for high school swim team members for G-lot may be purchased at the Wellness Center.

Event Parking

Football Game Day Parking & Tailgating

Game day parking and tailgating is orchestrated through the Athletics Department, not the University Police Department.  For policies and information and parking changes for the current season, contact the athletic department.

Sporting Event Parking

Weekday: Parking to attend sporting events during the academic weekday is available in H-lot and G-lot (non-faculty/staff)*.  Visitor vehicle registration is not required during the time of the sporting event.  Employees and students are required to adhere to lot restrictions during weekday sporting events.

*Parking during weekday soccer games is permitted at the soccer field parking area as well

Weekend: Parking to attend sporting events during the weekend is without lot restriction or visitor vehicle registration. Universal parking regulations are enforced 24/7.

Non-Sporting Campus Event Parking

Weekday: If not noted in the event advertisement or from the department holding the event, please register your vehicle with the Shepherd University Police Department.

Weekend: Parking to attend campus events during the weekend is without lot restriction or visitor vehicle registration. Universal parking regulations are enforced 24/7.


Lot Enforcement

Lot restrictions are enforced from 6am-4:30pm during the academic week. Universal parking regulations are enforced 24/7.

Parking Ticket Payment

In Person:   Pay university parking tickets at the Police Department office, located in Moler Hall 102, during regular business hours within the first 10 days.  Please bring your Rambler or ID, ticket, and payment with you.

Mail:     Payment may also be made via mail with check or money order. Include  ticket number, name (if different than payer of the ticket), and SID (if applicable) of the ticket recipient in the memo.

Online: Online ticket payment services are not available at this time.

After 10 days, if you are a Shepherd University student or employee, tickets are transferred to your student/employee account and need to be paid at the Business Office, Ikenberry Hall.

Weekend Ticketing

Lot restrictions are not enforced on Saturday and Sunday*; however universal parking regulations are enforced 24/7.  See Parking-Vehicle-and-Grounds-Regulations or complete information.

*B-Lot gates are lowered Saturday night into Sunday.  Parking in B-lot is prohibited from unauthorized vehicles when gates are lowered and violating vehicles may be ticketed.

Parking Ticket Appeal

If you feel that a parking ticket was issued in error, bring the parking ticket in question and any evidence to be considered to the Police Department. There you will fill out an appeal form, which will be submitted to the officers for review. You will be contacted with the decision once it has been made. Decisions are communicated via written confirmation is issued only at the request of the appealer at the submission of the appeal.

Appeals will only be considered when it is believed that the ticket was issued in error. A lost ticket, forgetfulness, parking illegally for a short time, or failure to note signage is not grounds for appeal.

Forms of Payment Accepted at the Shepherd University Police Department Include: Cash, Check or Money Order addressed to Shepherd University.