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Outside Grounds Event Request Form

Outside Space Usage Policies (Excluding McMurran Grounds)

On-Campus Groups

  1. Reservations must be received at least ten (10) business days prior to event.
  2. The Student Center Operations Office and/or Office of Student Affairs reserves the right to override a specific request, based upon time and location restrictions. However, in most cases requests will be made on a first-come first-served basis.
  3. All student organizations/clubs must follow the guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook and the Student Organization Handbook.
  4. Approved University fire pits (aka circles) are the only open flame device permitted.
  5. Tent stakes, sign posts, and other wood/metal objects may not be placed into the ground without prior written approval from Facilities Management.
  6. Activities and persons may not block or otherwise interfere with the free flow of vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian traffic. The right of way on streets and sidewalks must be maintained.
  7. Activities and persons may not block or otherwise interfere with ingress and egress into and out of campus buildings.
  8. Activities and persons shall not obstruct, disrupt, interrupt or attempt to force the cancellation of any event or activity sponsored by the University, including classes, or by any users authorized to use University facilities.
  9. Groups or individuals are expected to return grounds as they were found and clean up the space at the conclusion of the event.
  10. Please note, proper permits are required for all vehicles parking on campus. Please contact Shepherd University Police Department for details:
  11. Shepherd University reserves the right to ask any individual(s) and/or group(s) to leave that are in violation of campus policy and/or local, state, or federal law.

Sound Amplification Policy for Outdoor Venues

Limitations to outdoor amplified sound exist to balance the needs of the University and surrounding community and to allow classes and University business to be conducted without disruption. Amplified Sound is defined as a portable P.A., DJ system, concert sound system, or bullhorn. Bluetooth and portable radios are permitted as long as they do not interfere with the academic environment.

The use of amplified sound by student clubs, organizations, and outside groups will be limited to the following terms, times, and conditions:

Off-Campus Groups

  1. All external groups must follow all campus policies and procedures.
  2. All organized events, hosted by off-campus groups, must be requested in writing at least fifteen (15) days prior to the event.
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    I agree that the information submitted for application is accurate and is a complete description of the event to be held on the requested grounds. (Required)
    I agree to adhere to the policies and guidelines as established by Shepherd University. (Required)
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