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Orientation: FAQ

What type of student am I?

Participation in Orientation Step 1: Advisement & Registration allows you to:

Why am I required to stay overnight during Orientation Step 1: A&R?

This will be your first opportunity to spend the night on campus as an official Shepherd student! The Orientation Step 1 program runs late into the evening of day one and begins early on day two. Through this program, each student will experience a sample of the college experience.

Additionally, learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom and Shepherd University is a residential campus. The philosophy of the institution is that students engaged in campus life through programs and activities, and those who reside in residence halls find it easier to be successful than those who simply come to campus to attend class. Orientation Step 1 may be the only time that a commuting student will be given the opportunity to stay overnight in a residence hall. Requests to be exempt from this requirement are rarely granted except in extreme cases. Written requests must be made prior to your scheduled session.

Who will I meet during Orientation Step 1: Advisement & Registration program?

Should I bring my parent or family member to Orientation Step 1?

How much will it cost to attend Orientation?

What does the $160 Student Services Fee cover?

Reminder: Have you paid your enrollment deposit?

Please note that the enrollment deposit is separate from the Student Services Fee.

Because I will attend Orientation Step 1: A&R, do I also have to attend Orientation Step 2: New Student Welcome in August?