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Dr. William Benjamin Martz, Jr.:

Dr. Martz spent his first months at Shepherd in the summer of 2017, organizing the kickoff for the College of Business at Shepherd University. He was impressed with the community responses.  He finished writing a paper with co-authors Vijay Raghavan and Morgan Shepherd. The paper – entitled “Comprehending Visualizations of Dense Rank Order Data: A Comparison of Alternate Presentation Formats” – reports on a comparison of the information communicated through different presentation formats like tables and 3-d charts.

In the Fall 2018 semester, Dr. Martz  further developed the curriculum for both graduate and undergraduate programs. The hope is to add more technology and problem based learning activities into the curriculum. We also should see more companies become active with internships, class presentations, with paid on-campus internships a priority.

For the Spring 2019 semester, Dr. Martz will continue to recruit faculty, look for more activities, courses, events, to engage students, and continue teaching the Business Analytics course.