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Shepherd, Carroll Community College sign transfer agreement

ISSUED: 23 April 2019
MEDIA CONTACT: Valerie Owens

SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV — Shepherd University and Carroll Community College in Maryland have signed a transfer agreement that will offer students who transfer to Shepherd directly from Carroll a 25 percent tuition discount provided they have earned an associate degree and possess a cumulative grade point average of 2.8.

“I’m very excited to be partnering with Carroll Community College,” said Kristen Lorenz, Shepherd’s director of admissions. “This new agreement will add a pathway for Carroll students to complete their degree close to home at Shepherd. Students will benefit from having advisement from Shepherd counselors during their time at Carroll, to ensure a seamless transition into a bachelor’s program.”

Students transferring from Carroll will be required to complete a minimum of 30 semester hours of Shepherd coursework to be eligible for a Shepherd degree. Students may apply no more than 72 credits from regionally accredited community colleges, including Carroll, to the bachelor’s degree. Students who have completed more than 72 community college credit hours may select the courses they wish to have evaluated as part of their credit hours counted toward the bachelor’s degree. All credit hours will be calculated in the student’s overall grade point average. Students who take advantage of the program are guaranteed on-campus housing at Shepherd and the application fee will be waived. Students will have access to academic advising from Shepherd during their time at Carroll, with anticipation of transfer.

“Carroll is so pleased to be adding another option for our students who have completed their associate degree and want to pursue a bachelor’s degree,” said Dr. April Herring, director of advising and transfer for Carroll. “It was a pleasure to work with Shepherd, and we are excited about the prospect of deepening our partnership. This new transfer agreement is a great opportunity for our students especially with the unique additional benefits of guaranteed on-campus housing and academic advising from Shepherd while at Carroll.”

Lorenz said Shepherd hopes to work with Carroll to establish 2+2 agreements in the near future.

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