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Potomac Applied Business Company gets first contract, hires student interns

ISSUED: 18 January 2018
MEDIA CONTACT: Valerie Owens

SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV — The Potomac Applied Business Company (PABC) at Shepherd University has landed its first contract providing digital media strategic service to commercial clients. In addition, PABC has hired its first three student interns and its first part-time employee.

CEO Frank Genco said PABC will teach the interns—Hunter Koppenhaver, an art major from Shenandoah Junction; Yani Meda, a communication and new media and art major from Charles Town; and Christina Rossomondo, an art major from Woodbine, Maryland—how to deliver client services in a cost-effective manner with a focus on quality and value.

Koppenaver, Meda, and Rossomondo are all studying graphic design. They will assist in the migration of three company websites from older, inefficient web platforms to more modern and flexible platforms that are optimized for the mobile environment.

“When completed, the interns will have learned how to match graphic/web design skills with business and client delivery,” Genco said. “This helps integrate a for-profit mentality into an artistic, graphic design discipline.”

Genco said as part of the PABC digital media strategic services line, the Shepherd interns will also be exposed to working with clients to align digital media service with an organization’s strategic goals and performance measures in a way that will teach them the higher-level value of their skills. PABC plans to continue the digital media strategic service line, introducing data analytics and competitive cost analysis in the upcoming months. PABC will look for ways to continue partnering with Shepherd to provide more intern opportunities with the expanded level of services.

PABC has also hired its first part-time employee, Brooke Dillow, a business major from Shenandoah Junction, as a junior analyst. After graduating in May, Dillow will convert from a part-time to a full-time employee.

“As PABC continues to grow, we anticipate more Shepherd University hires in the upcoming months,” Genco said.

PABC is a business management consulting organization focused on delivering excellence in client delivery services, bringing business to the Shepherdstown area, and providing real-world work experience to undergraduate and graduate students. PABC is creating challenging employment opportunities for Shepherd University students and pairing them with seasoned subject matter experts in the business consulting industry to teach real-world corporate skills necessary to compete in today’s fast-paced environment.

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