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Martinsburg Center offers out-of-state student discount for R.B.A. program

ISSUED: 11 June 2015
MEDIA CONTACT: Valerie Owens

MARTINSBURG, WV — Shepherd University’s Martinsburg Center is offering a discount to out-of-state students interested in pursuing a Regents Bachelor of Arts (R.B.A.) degree. The program offers qualifying non-residents a three credit hour discount of up to a $1,200 for some online classes and those taught in Martinsburg.

Out-of-state students would normally pay the undergraduate rate of $687 per credit hour, or $2,061 per three-credit class. The Martinsburg Center is offering a grant to qualified applicants that would bring that cost down to $287 per credit hour, or $861 per class.

The discount does not apply to West Virginia Rocks online courses, is not available for students who are currently enrolled or who transfer from the Shepherdstown campus to the Martinsburg Center, and may not be used in conjunction with other university discounts.

“The Regents Bachelor of Arts allows adult learners who may have had some college, but never finished or who have military credits, to complete a bachelor’s degree,” said Beth Thomas, R.B.A. and continuing education program coordinator at Martinsburg. “Many adults find that they need a bachelor’s degree to get promoted or to get a better job; the R.B.A. is great option for degree completion.”

The R.B.A. program offers classes that are compressed into shorter time frames, the option to receive credit for life and work experience, and the ability to take classes in the evening or online. It also offers classes in areas of emphasis that include business, social issues, and health.

Grant eligibility will be determined after registration and the discount applied to the tuition balance. For more information, contact Jim Klein, Martinsburg Center director, at 304-263-3303 or visit

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