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Here are some of our recent news items. Please look these over for important information.

General information and cautions about phishing attacks

Periodically emails circulate in the email systems which are either trying to phish your information or contain viruses. Do not be duped by these emails. They look official but do not come from Shepherd’s I. T. Services department.

Always use caution when viewing and processing email. Take extra care whenever asked to access another ‘link’ or open any ‘attachments’.

If you think your computer is infected, you can submit all the details in an email to This will create a work order in our system. We will contact you about scheduling an on-site appointment or to have you bring the system to us.

Here is an educational resource pertaining to Social Engineering attacks and how to recognize them Social Engineering Red Flags

Here are some rules of thumb to identify red flags in determining a valid email:

If you are unsure if you have a malicious or legitimate email and would like assistance, please contact the IT Services Desk for assistance at 304.876.5457. You can also elect to email us your issue to; or you may visit us in person in the lower floor of the Library (ASC area).

Updated January 16, 2020