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Employee Order New Computer Page

This page is for employees to facilitate ordering new computers for offices and labs.

Shepherd IT Services has standard configuration computers which we have worked with our vendors to provide. These standard systems are configured to last for four years in an office or lab. They include the components and warranties to facilitate this time period. We have also included additional peripherals, such as monitors, keyboards, mice along with other peripherals, that you need. NOTE: The pages for the standard computers below do not include any type of printers. Please contact the IT Services Desk for these requests.

While the majority of employees need a standard configured system, some may need something which does not meet this criteria. We can work with you to get the system you need.

Standard systems from Dell are here.

Standard systems from Apple are here.

Once you have looked at the standard computers in the above pages, decide if a standard system or a specially configured system is needed. Once you have decided, fill out this order form to configure the system you need. Once you have filled it out and submitted it, the process will create a work order in our system and someone will follow up with you soon afterwards to proceed.

Fill out this form to proceed:

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