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Professor Cinda Scales:

Professor Scales is able to maintain up-to-date knowledge of her subject matter by actively practicing her profession.

This allows the students to have real life examples from current and past legal cases.

In addition, Professor Scales attends Continuing Legal Education seminars throughout the year to stay abreast of changes in the law.

Dr. Janine Scott:

Dr. Scott spent summer 2018 planning a conference for the Academy of Financial Services, where she is also the Executive Vice President of Programs.  In preparation for the conference Dr. Scott also assisted with compiling research proposals, sending out paper acceptance letters, selecting best paper awards, identifying a keynote speaker and organizing sponsorship for the conference.

During the fall 2018 semester, Dr. Scott plans to work with students in the Financial Planning Club, as well as help them qualify for industry competitions.

Dr. Michael Lynch:

Dr. Lynch spent summer 2018 working with the Harper’s Ferry Merchant Association to identify the needs of a small business association.

For the upcoming semesters, he plans to help set-up internships and class projects for Shepherd students to help address these needs.

Professor Michael Dailey:

In the Fall 2017 semester, Professor Dailey will work with graduate students to create a project that involves finding a company to work with students in his classes.

His plan for Spring 2018 semester includes researching a particular company that would volunteer to create a project with the website “” for one of the courses he is teaching, BADM 370.

Professor Michael Dixon:

Professor Dixon published a book in the summer of 2018 titled, “Preparing for Growth and Marketing in Today’s Church.”

The book will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million.

Additionally, he will begin holding seminars featuring his book in November 2018.

Professor David Gross:

Professor Gross spent Summer 2017 rebranding his business, called “Radius Plus”.  His firm specializes in helping small businesses grow their customer base through proximity marketing networks.  His tech tools include: beacons, Wi-Fi, GPS, and geo-fencing.

In the Fall 2017 semester, he brought real-world concepts to the class with contexts from the textbook.  For his Ethics course, he created group projects where students found something that is negative about a company and provided an alternative solution of how a problem could be handled.

His activities for Spring 2018 included adding a new online resource/tool (Cengage) due to its rich features. It will enable multi-learning assignments and ethical simulations which will help test the students.

Dr. Donald Hillman:

Since 2014, Dr. Hillman has worked with current and former Shepherd students conducting primary and secondary research on generational conflict in the workplace.  Currently, several students are working with him to design and develop a website for the recruitment of Millennial candidates based upon a research study his students previously worked on that was just completed and copyrighted, titled “Using Social Media to Develop Pre-Employment Relationships with Millennial Candidates: A Human Resources Management Strategic Recruitment and Retention Approach.”

Dr. Hillman co-authored a research study with Shepherd business student Courtney Knill, which has been fully accepted for publication in December 2018 with the International Journal of Training Research. The article is titled “Rapidly Increasing Employment Search Self-Confidence in Unemployed Clientele.”

A couple of Shepherd students are currently working with Dr. Hillman on revising a research paper called “Increasing Cooperation in Culturally Diverse Global Work Teams.”

Dr. Behzad Touhidi

Dr. Touhidi stumbled into teaching International Business, BADM 359, at Shepherd University, to add some fun to his retirement days.

Recently, he has been an entrepreneur, ushering in a new way to sell new and used cars.  He has had a number of interesting careers, and is now looking forward to relaxation, retirement, and sharing his knowledge with his students.

Professor Judy York, MBA

At Shepherd University, Professor York teaches the Principals of Management course.

Professor York is an executive coach who supports many local businesses owners and CEOs.  She sees first-hand how important it is that students are able to transfer what they learn at Shepherd into the workforce, upon graduation.  Professor York wants students to not only gain  book knowledge, but most importantly, the ability to articulate their thoughts, ideas, and convictions – whether in writing or when discussing across a board room – to help promote better decision making and results in our business community.

Jimmie West, Ph.D. PMP:

Dr. West has been a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) for 31 years and delivered this content in 37 countries including China, Russia, Dubai and Egypt.  He spent the summer of 2017 traveling and teaching in Canberra, Australia. He also delivered a presentation to a professional project management association.

In the Fall 2017 semester he worked on writing a book called “Revolutionary.” The book is about project management which integrates the why and what for businesses, rather than as a technique. It provides a framework model of what an individual really wants to do in their business and why.

In Spring 2018, he collaborated with the university to create a program for professional development, which launched in January 2018.