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Department News

Dr. Kathleen Reid:

Dr. Reid serves as the chair of the Department of Economics and Finance.

She was appointed as the Associate Dean for the College of Business in 2018.

Dr. Reid is working on the IACBE accreditation process for the College of Business.

Dr. Kyle Hoy:

Dr. Hoy joined the department in 2017. He received his PhD in Environmental Economics from Penn State. He has recently published research in Agricultural and Resource Economics Review, Ecological Economic, and Energy Economics. His recent work focuses on energy and regional topics, such as the shale boom and energy taxes.  During the summer of 2018, he presented at the NAREA Conference.

He enjoys developing and teaching econometrics and game theory.

Dr. Amanda Mandzik:

Dr. Mandzik is a Shepherd University graduate, and is excited to be back as a professor.  She spent her summer writing a chapter for a book titled, “Superheroes and Economics: The Shadowy World of Capes, Masks and Invisible Hands” (Routledge Economics and Popular Culture Series).  The book is intended for both instructors and comic book fans, who will enjoy the connections between Economics and pop culture.

Dr. Mandzik plans to continue her research in the field of international/ development economics, and is enthusiastic to continue developing teaching resources for the field of Economics.

Dr. Yuying Xie:

Dr. Xie spent summer 2018 working on a peer-reviewed journal paper titled “The cost of capital: U.S.-based multinational corporations versus U.S. domestic corporations” which is forthcoming in the Global Finance Journal.  Below is the abstract of the paper:

“Using firm-level panel data, this paper examines whether the cost of capital (COC) differs significantly between U.S.-based multinational corporations (MNCs) and U.S. domestic corporations (DCs). The results suggest that U.S.-based MNCs have higher COC than U.S. DCs, and that industry importantly influences COC. The study also finds that there is a significant time effect on COC, and the time effect follows the trend of the U.S. economic growth rate. Using a Bayesian Markov chain Monte Carlo approach, we estimate jointly the cost of equity, cost of debt, and capital structure, and find that the higher cost of capital for MNCs is due mainly to their higher cost of equity and greater use of equity financing; the cost of debt financing does not differ significantly for MNCs versus DCs.”

Dr. Rudolph Bropleh:

Dr. Bropleh spent the summer of 2018 presenting at the Africa Initiative Leadership Summit in Nairobi, Kenya, where he offered training on developing communities by building leaders.  He also mentored college students in the Change Makers Program in London, England from July 27- August 3, 2018.  “This program exposes young adults to entrepreneurial communities and inspires them to cultivate best practices of successful entrepreneurs.”

Dr. Bropleh developed a series of presentations as well, called College-Bound.  The presentations are designed to “facilitate and motivate students to optimize the opportunities for higher education.”  This year he presented at the College-Bound event in Monrovia, Liberia.  He hopes to publish his first book in the fall of 2018.

Professor Robert Scharmer:

Professor Scharmer is a member of and works with the Wilson Society at the University of Rochester to improve support for disabled students.  He travels there on a monthly basis to continue providing support and guidance, advising officials at the University of Rochester in crafting a more effective system of disability reporting/accommodations/support for students with emotional and/or intellectual disabilities. The University of Rochester has already modified their existing support to incorporate several of his ideas and he expects a comprehensive project to take shape within the year.

He continues the work he started as a member of the Eastman Circle, and “Volunteers in Partnership” with the University of Rochester to improve the identification of and support for disabled students.

Here at Shepherd University, Professor Scharmer has been extremely active in ensuring that his students with disabilities receive the appropriate support to facilitate their academic success.