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Major Exploration FYEX

FYEX 102: Major Exploration

All exploratory majors are strongly encouraged to take the First Year Experience (FYEX) course designed to help students explore majors and careers. We are excited to get to know all of our exploring students better!

Course Description:

Are you having trouble deciding on a major? That’s perfectly normal for your first year, so now is a great time to take a proactive approach to career planning and major selection by exploring careers and subjects that interest you. Discover your interests, understand program requirements, and explore extracurricular activities in connection to specific career paths to help you make that major decision! Explore the wide variety of majors Shepherd has to offer to see which one might be the right fit for you! Students will develop critical thinking, life-long learning, wellness, information literacy, and experiential learning skills. The class will include taking the StrengthsQuest assessment and additional career assessments. The course will consist of small group meetings.  In addition to active, participatory experiences that enhance learning, students will complete a wellness activity and an information literacy activity.