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Mail and Package Delivery

The Facilities Management Department is responsible for delivering on campus mail and distributing incoming packages and freight across campus that is delivered to the Facilities building. The following describes how this is accomplished in the areas listed.

Please make sure all packages have a complete address on them including the name of the recipient, the name of the department and the building name (i.e. Jane Doe, Education Dept., Knutti Hall). The 911/physical building addresses are not to be used for shipping and mail purposes. Our contract with couriers is generally for one point of delivery (i.e. the Facilities loading dock).

Student Mail and Packages

All Student Mail should follow the guidelines in the Residence Life section Resources for Current Residents. Not following the guidelines provided on the linked page may result in mail and packages being delayed or returned to sender.

Campus Mail for Offices, Staff and Faculty

Mail will be delivered once daily to each department on campus. Incoming mail is delivered and the outgoing mail is picked up daily between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Outgoing mail is delivered to the Shepherdstown Post Office at 3:30 p.m. All Fed Ex Express and DHL packages are delivered to Postal Services by the currier. Once the packages are received at Postal Services, the recipient is notified by the mail room staff. If the recipient does not pick up the package from Postal Services, the package is delivered along with the incoming mail on the next business day.

In the event that your department has a large outgoing mailing, please call the Facilities Office at extension 5236 so the mail handler can be made aware of the mailing.

Shepherd University delivery address for Unites States Postal Service (USPS) mail going to campus offices, staff and faculty:

(Your Name or Office)
P.O. BOX 5000

Package Delivery for Offices, Staff and Faculty

UPS, FedEx Ground, FedEx Express, Amazon and the like packages are received at the Facilities Management building. All packages received at the Facilities building are recorded as they are received and are scheduled for delivery by the following business day. The current schedule allows for on campus package delivery to occur daily along with the mail delivery. Packages that are shipped via UPS, Fed Ex Ground or Fed Ex Home and addressed to the Bookstore, Dining Hall and the Health Center are delivered to the respective location by the courier. Packages delivered to the wrong place should be refused and the courier should be directed to deliver it properly in order to maintain the chain of custody.

In the event that a package is needed immediately, please call the Facilities Office to confirm package arrival. Once arrival has been confirmed, the recipient or designated assignee can come to the Facilities office to pick up the package; a signature will be required to release the package.

Addressees will be notified when a shipment is received that requires special delivery (i.e. large packages that require more than one person to deliver) so that a work order can be originated to coordinate the delivery on a scheduled basis. Packages labeled as “perishable” will be logged in and delivered to the addressee as soon as possible. The addressee is welcome to pick these items up at the Facilities Offices if they so choose.

Shepherd University delivery address for packages sent via carrier that is not USPS going to campus offices, staff and faculty:

(Your Name or Office)
308 North Princess Street

Personal Mail & Packages for Staff and Faculty

Personal mail and packages for staff and faculty should not be shipped to the University.  Should a personal package be received on campus, the addressee will be contacted to come to the Facilities Office to accept the package.  We appreciate you assistance in this and thank you for your understanding.