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Lifelong Learning

Welcome to the Shepherd University Lifelong Learning Program!

What a strange turn of events that occurred in spring 2020 with COVID-19 closing the campus.  We pushed ahead and put as many courses online as our instructors were willing to teach, and it was a success.   And the best part, no one was late to class because they couldn’t find a parking space.  There’s a lot to be said about attending class in your slippers with a cup of coffee in hand.  Hats off to those instructors who braved the virtual classroom.  It may not have been perfect, but it was significant and a great comfort to  those who participated and were able to have the interaction with each other.

Now we have turned the corner and are looking forward to smiling faces in person for fall 2021.  Those individuals who have received their COVID vaccination may attend class without a mask.  Those who have not been vaccinated should remain masked for their safety.  Our lifelong learners have braved the pandemic and can not wait to see each other face to face.  But not to worry if you can’t be with us in person.  We will be offering courses and lectures in person and on Zoom in a hybrid manner.  Please refer to the Fall 2021 catalog to see how your course or lecture is being held.

Sign up for classes and lectures and volunteer to serve as a class assistant.  Get involved today!


Karen M. Rice, ’12 M.B.A.
Director of Continuing Education & Lifelong Learning