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Reading Room Policy

The Scarborough Library Reading Room is one of the most popular study spaces in the library and can always be expected to attract users for study, small informal study group gatherings, relaxation, and contemplation. Therefore, heavy usage as a formal meeting/entertaining space is undesirable. The Reading Room is not intended to be used as a classroom or library instruction room. Usage as a meeting space for frequent, regularly scheduled meetings or for meetings or events that are primarily social, recreational, or club-like cannot be accommodated.

Scheduled Reading Room activities should be ceremonial functions for which a more formal, learned setting is needed. Our criteria will be the following:

  1. Scarborough Society Functions
  2. Library sponsored functions
  3. Events for which the overall function has a university-wide concern

Special events related to the academic program or special administrative functions are appropriate. Programmatic activities such as all-campus lectures are appropriate, if the size and configuration of the room suit the event.

Library usage of the room will occur from time to time. Occasional library receptions or meetings may be held in the Reading Room.

Events should be scheduled at least one week or more in advance. Scheduling, as well as day to day interpretations and applications of policy, will be conducted by the Assistant to the Dean of the Library. Scheduled events will be posted on or near the entrance of the Reading Room in advance of the meeting.