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Scarborough Library’s Mission, Vision, and Values


Scarborough Library is an academic library supporting the needs of Shepherd University and the surrounding area. We enable users to discover information in all formats through the effective use of technology and the organization of knowledge. We are dedicated to our core values: learning, engagement, integrity, accessibility, and community. These are in direct alignment with those of Shepherd University.


Scarborough Library will be a leading resource for information, innovation, and community enrichment at Shepherd University and in the region by making information accessible and discoverable in a variety of formats, bringing the community together for academically, culturally, and socially enriching events, and nurturing a dedication to life-long learning.

Core Values

Learning: Scarborough Library provides access to information in a wide variety of formats to advance the instructional goals of the campus with a professional staff dedicated to supporting the needs of our faculty and students. We recognize and accommodate numerous learning styles and perspectives.

Engagement: Scarborough Library fosters environments in which students, faculty, staff, and members of the public engage with each other to form mutually beneficial relationships. We believe that meaningful engagement, with ideas and with people, promotes deep learning and nurtures critical thought and dialogue.

Integrity: Scarborough Library strives for an environment of honesty and fairness in its actions. We seek input from our patrons and make informed and objective decisions.

Accessibility: Scarborough Library provides services to all members of our community. Our staff and faculty are available to all patrons and are committed to respecting and meeting individual needs.

Community: Scarborough Library is a community that includes students, faculty, staff, alumni, and members of the public. We meet the needs of this community through the implementation of innovative programs and are committed to ongoing assessments of their effectiveness. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for all based on mutual respect.