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Building Access & Rambler Cards

The information contained on this page is a summary of policies and procedures related to the locking systems used across the Shepherd University Campus. In addition there is information regarding general practices of the different offices on campus involved in access granting. This page may not address all scenarios and there are certainly exceptions to the below information. If there are any questions please use the Contact Form found on the Contact Us section.

Academic Building Access Hours and Policies

External academic building doors are generally unlocked and opened by 7:30 a.m. weekdays by the Facilities Management Department. Academic buildings are closed and secured weekdays at 10 p.m. by Campus Police. They are closed on the weekends unless otherwise arranged.

Internal room doors to offices and classrooms are the occupants or departments responsibility to unlock and lock as necessary. Building occupants should not assume that their interior areas will be locked by someone else. Employees who are authorized to access buildings or rooms during off hours are issued physical keys, access on their Rambler, or temporary Onity Cards as applicable. Authorized employees should not rely on Campus Police when after hours access is needed; the University police officer may not know whether a person is authorized. When authorized individuals enter a closed building, the entrant should ensure that the door closes and locks behind them. They are to assure that the building is secure upon leaving.


Keys to academic rooms and buildings are obtained from the Facilities Management Office by an authorized supervisor requesting access via the Work Order System. Facilities Management keeps a record of all keys issued, who they are issued to, the date and signature of the recipient as well as who requested the access. Keys are to be returned to the Facilities office by the individual who signed the key out initially upon leaving the university or if the key is no longer needed.

Facilities will make a key, prepare the record and email the requestor and individual the key is being requested. Keys may be picked up at the Facilities office between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Temporary keys are issued from the Facilities Office to authorized vendors, contractors and facility staff on an as needed basis in support of valid work orders. Office staff will issue the keys and require a log to be filled out indicating to whom the key was issued, organization or business associated, date & time issued, signature and phone number. Once the key is returned it is marked off as such by office staff. The keys are to be returned on a daily basis except as authorized by the Facilities Management Department Managers.

Rambler cards are available from the Rambler Card office. Programming for an external door is done through the Campus Police office. Requests require the same authorization process as that of keys for exterior building access.

Keys are issued to a specific individual and are not to be “handed down” to a successor or “loaned out” without going through the Facilities Department so records are updated.

Residence Life is responsible for issuing, tracking and keeping records of Residence Hall keys issued to students. Facilities Management will not issue keys to students for residence halls or for academic spaces. Student employees who are issued keys to specific work areas are to follow the same procedure as full time employees of the University. Facilities Management supports RL in establishing the key systems used and in the repair and maintenance of locksets and key manufacturing. Authorized RL administrators may request and pick up bulk keys for re-issue to students from Facilities. RL staff are University employees and personally assigned keys are issued in the same manner for all University employees.

Rambler Cards

Rambler Cards Access

Rambler Cards can be used to access both the Onity locks, silver dip locks, and Blackboard locks, black swipes. Generally the Onity locks are located inside buildings while the Blackboard locks are found on the outside of buildings and parking lots.

Access to dorms must be granted by the Residence Life Office for both Onity and Blackboard locks.

Access to external Blackboard doors and gates for Academic and Administrative buildings must be granted by the Shepherd University Police Department.

Facilities Management is responsible assigning access to Rambler Cards for internal Onity locks for staff and faculty in the Academic and Administrative buildings. Requests for this access need to be submitted by an authorized supervisor requesting access via the Work Order System.

Creation of Rambler Cards

Rambler Cards for students are created at the Wellness Center and programming would be the responsibility of the Residence Life Office. Additional information or inquires in regards to student Rambler Cards should be referred to the Wellness Center or Residence Life Office as is appropriate. This goes for new or reprints.

The Wellness Center can also create Staff, Faculty and Affiliate cards. However, an individual will still need to come to the Facilities Management Office for the Onity locks (silver dip locks) access to be added to their card. The only access on a newly printed card is the Blackboard lock access a person has been previously granted. This goes for new or reprints.

Staff, Faculty and Affiliates primarily get their Rambler Cards created at the Facilities Office between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. This goes for new or reprints.

Onity Cards

Onity Cards are temporary access cards that can only be used in the Onity locks, silver dip locks.

Facilities Management is responsible for dispensing these cards for internal building Onity locks for staff, faculty and students in the Academic and Administrative buildings. Requests for these cards need to be submitted by an authorized supervisor requesting access via the Work Order System.

Facilities will program an Onity Card then email the requestor and receiver when available for pick-up. Cards may be picked up at the Facilities office between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.