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Jeremy Appiah- First-Generation Student Profile

Jeremy Appiah, Martinsburg High School Class of 2021

 Why do you believe it is important for you to attend college?

It is important to attend college because it is the bridge between the true work force and presents you with an independent lifestyle.

What resources do you believe high school students need to help them prepare for college and what are your plans for the future?

You need a group such as Upward Bound TRIO to aid you, take initiative to research where you plan on studying, and practice beneficial points of action to be successful academically. My plans for the future are to study in the computer engineering field. I want to also study entrepreneurship and concoct a business of my own.

Outside of academics, what are your hobbies/extracurricular?

Outside of academics, I participate in Lacrosse, Good Times Show Choir, Leadership Academy, Jazz band, Radial Youth Worship Team, and Student Council.

What advice do you give other first-generation students in high school?

I would recommend for the first-generation to BE INVOLVED! I would also advise them to get a strong idea of what their future plans are as well. Make sure to surround yourself with good people!

What drives you to go to college?

What drives me to go to college is to make a difference in the world. I want to be remembered for initiating easier lifestyles.