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International Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate Application and Costs

Degree Application

Welcome! We are very excited that you are considering applying to Shepherd University.  The university welcomes students from around the world for degree study and for study while on exchange from a home university.  Students who have completed secondary school education (high school) in good standing are eligible to apply for admission.  Similarly, students who have attended post-secondary education (college or university) are eligible to apply for admission.  Most students begin their studies in the fall semester (in late August), although it is possible to begin in the spring semester (in mid-January).   To apply, please  follow the instructions below:

1. Complete  online application for admission.

2. Submit $45 nonrefundable application fee.

3. Submit one of the following in order to satisfy the academic record requirement:

a). Education outside the United States

b). Education inside the United States

4. Submit one of the following in order to satisfy the English proficiency requirement:

*Note: The English language requirement may be waived if:
A.) The applicant is a national of one of Shepherd University’s approved English speaking nations. Currently, our approved nations are Australia, Canada (except Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. OR
B.) Within the past three years, the applicant has studied full-time, for at least one academic year with English as the language of instruction.
*Note: For the SAT and ACT tests, Shepherd “supercores” and will accept the highest scores from individual sections of multiple test results to allow a better overall score.

5. Provide proof of financial support to cover the tuition and living expenses for one academic year (9 months).  We estimate this amount to be $31,628 USD.  Proof of financial support may be demonstrated in several ways:

6. Submit a brief letter or statement outlining your educational goals, signed and dated.

7.  Provide a copy of your Passport Information Page.

8. Provide a copy of your current immigration status (relevant documents, approval notices, form I-94, etc.), if you are residing in the United States.

Applications for admission must be submitted online. All additional documents should be sent to:

Mailing Address Shepherd University
Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 5000
Shepherdstown, WV


Estimated International Undergraduate Degree-Seeking Student Budget for 2018-2019 (*actual costs may vary slightly)

As a public university, Shepherd University requires non-residents of West Virginia to pay out-of-state tuition and fees. Limited financial aid is available.

Tuition                                                             $18,048

Books and Supplies                                       $1,250

Room and Board                                            $10,480

Medical Insurance                                         $600

Personal                                                           $1,250

Total                                                                 $31,628 USD

Scholarships: International students have the opportunity to receive many types of scholarships, including merit-based, honors/scholars, athletic, departmental, and organizational awards.

Merit scholarships are automatically awarded to new freshmen who have a 3.0 GPA and 1100 SAT or 22 ACT.  Transfer students may be eligible for one of our Dual Admissions/TOPS tuition discount programs.

Health Insurance: All international students are required to have medical health insurance coverage.

Matriculation: When a student has been accepted for admission as a degree-seeking student, a $100 USD matriculation fee is to be paid before immigration documents will be issued. This nonrefundable fee reserves a space in the entering class.