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International Experiences

International Experience:  All Global Studies majors will have to complete an international experience.  The idea of the international experience is for students to gain experience in an international setting in which they can familiarize themselves with a multicultural or international environment.  There are in principle two ways to fulfill this requirement.  First, there is the possibility to do a study abroad.  Second, students can opt to do an internship with an organization or company with a clear international character.  Students will need to take the GLBL 350 International Experience class to compliment their practical experience.

Study Abroad:  Shepherd University offers several possibilities for a study abroad experience.  Several professors offer a trip abroad, often during the summer.  The Study Abroad Office provides all the information you need about these faculty led study abroad possibilities as well as more independent possibilities.  The Study Abroad Office has contacts with several organizations and universities which provide the possibility to study at a university abroad for several weeks, a semester, or even a year.  Make sure to contact the Study Abroad Director, Dr. Sam Greene, to get as much information about your study abroad possibilities.

Internships:  Students can opt to do an internship rather than a study abroad experience for their international experience requirement.  There are plenty of opportunities to gain work experience in an international environment either in the United States or abroad.  You could, for instance, work in a Non-Governmental Organization dealing with international issues such as Amnesty International dealing with international human rights or Greenpeace dealing with international environmental issues. Some students might fin an internship opportunity in one of the many embassies in Washington, DC.  We have had students intern at an International Governmental Organization such as the Organization of American States, The World Bank Group, or the International Monetary Fund (all in Washington, DC).  Another possibility would be to intern with a company with major international activities.

For more information on the Global Studies program, please contact Dr. Marat Akopian, Director,
White Hall 319.