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Information Table Reservations

Information Table Reservations

The Shepherd University Student SC_logoCenter offers various information tables for students, faculty/staff, and visitors to promote their group and/or event(s). You can find more information below. Schedule your next information session by submitting a request form HERE.

Notice: as of July 1, 2024, Information Table prices will increase to $50/table/day.

Visitors/Off Campus Groups Students, Faculty, Staff
Information Table- 8 x 2.5 feet $30.00 + tax per day FREE*

*Additional fees may apply for setups or if your group is conducting sales. Personal (non-university related) usage of the information tables will be charged at 50% the regular rate(s) and is not subject to the free rate.

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Student Center Information Table Guidelines

All persons reserving Information Tables in the Student Center agree to the follow these policies for themselves and the members of their group:

  1. Reservations must be received by the Information Center at least 48 hours prior. If able to accommodate, any reservations booked within 48 hours will be booked “As-Is” without setup support.
  2. The Operations Manager of the Student Center reserves the right to override a specific request, based upon the size of the group and the specific needs for the use of the space. However, in most cases requests will be made on a first-come first-served basis.
  3. Each rental will be supplied with one (1) eight (8) foot by two and a half (2.5) foot table and two (2) chairs. We ask that each group does not have more than two people at the table at a time.
  4. Static displays should stay within three (3) feet behind the table and be no larger than six (6) feet tall and six (6) feet wide.
  5. All student organizations/clubs must follow the guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook and the Student Organization Handbook.
  6. Please note, proper permits are required for all vehicles parking on campus. Please contact Shepherd University Police Department for details:
  7. To respect the space of users, we request all solicitation is conducted at the reserved information table only.
  8. Employers who are recruiting, are strictly prohibited from soliciting current Shepherd University staff and/or faculty members.
  9. Shepherd University reserves the right to refuse service if group/individual is in violation of our Civility Code of Conduct.
  10. The Student Center staff reserves the right to ask any individual(s) and/or group(s) to leave that are in violation of the rules, without refund. Any damages to the facility may be charged back to the group.