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Information on Shepherdstown

Shepherdstown has roots that go deep into the nation’s past. From its pastoral setting on the banks of the Potomac River, the town has watched young soldiers march off to fight in the Revolutionary War, seen the horror of the Battle of Antietam, and hosted the Israeli-Syrian peace talks in January, 2000.

Shepherdstown Today is an interesting blend of the old and the new. German Street, the town’s main street, is a showplace of 18th and 19th century homes and shops, many lovingly maintained and adapted to modern purposes. Specialty shops, boutiques, bookstores, antique shops, and restaurants line the sidewalks, imparting a quaint charm to the business district.

Visitors to Shepherdstown may want to allow time to visit Antietam National Battlefield Site and Cemetery, just across the Potomac River in Maryland, or take a side trip to nearby Harper’s Ferry. The Shenandoah Valley–Shepherdstown’s magnificent setting–also offers a wealth of natural resources and historic sites for leisurely exploration.