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Shepherd ID, PIN, Username and Password

Here is an explanation of each system and how you log into that particular one.

RAIL Email Sakai
The RAIL (Remote Access Information Line) system allows you to do many tasks, depending on whether you are student or an employee. Students use RAIL to register for classes, check grades, view an unofficial transcript, check their financial aid, and other student services. Faculty can enter grades, accesss advisees records, display and print class rosters, and other tasks. Certain staff members can view departmental budgets. Everyone can use RAIL to retrieve their Shepherd ID (SID) and username, and to change their PIN and password. Email is used for all Shepherd University communications. You are assigned a unique email address. The format of that address is different for students compared to employees. If you are a student, you log into your email with your username which ends in a number and the email domain. Most employees do not have numbers at the end of their usernames, but a few do. Here are some examples of each.

Username example:

Password: What your password currently is as set in RAIL.

Username example:

Password: What your password currently is as set in RAIL.
Sakai is a learning portal or Learning Management System (LMS) that allows professors and students to share class materials and information as well as post assignment grades and resources.
Login ID Student ID (SID) Login ID Username + email domain Login ID Username
Security Credentials PIN Security Credentials Password Security Credentials Password