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How to Change Your Name

When employees have name changes, they need to update their records in Human Resources.  Additionally, there are steps that that can be taken through IT Services to update users’ email addresses and usernames.

Part 1: Display Name Change Process

  1. Employee contacts HR to request name change.
  2. Employee supplies HR with two forms of Federal or State Government forms of identification – one photo ID plus Social Security card. The names on both IDs must match.
  3. HR updates Banner record.
  4. This update changes the display name that is shown in email contacts and the campus directory.
  5. Banner updates nightly.  Downstream system changes can take up to 24 hours.
  6. HR also updates name in wvOASIS, the state payroll system.

Part 2: Network Username and/or Email Alias Change Process

If an employee wants to update their network username and/or email address additional process steps and time are required as explained below.

Note: User will need to log out of all systems before the remaining steps take place