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Student Employment Manual: How to Apply

To get a job on campus, students need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into the HR system at The HR system is a PeopleAdmin product and people refer to the system as PeopleAdmin7 or PA7.
  2. Create an application. Use upper case letters where appropriate, and complete the application fully and truthfully, using your legal name.
  3. Review the posted positions and submit the application for one or more positions. (Please remember that some positions are available only to students who qualify for Federal Work Study (FWS) because in some cases departments do not have funds available to hire students. If the job posting says ‘FWS only’ and the applicant is not eligible for FWS, then there is no need to submit an application for such a position.)
  4. When students are contacted by the supervisor of a position to which they have applied, they should attend the interview, dressed cleanly and neatly, and present themselves professionally.
  5. When students are selected for a position, the supervisor will need some personal information in order to begin a hiring proposal through the HR system. This will include the student’s Social Security number, date of birth, and race/ethnicity.
  6. When students are hired, they will need to set up an appointment with Student Employment, which is located in Gardiner Hall, to complete New Hire paperwork. The following section explains that paperwork in more detail.

For the full Student Employment Manual, click here.