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Registering for Classes

Students must meet with their advisor each semester prior to registering for classes. Once you’ve met with your advisor and have your registration PIN, watch the video or follow the instructions below to register for classes for the upcoming semester.


1. Log onto RAIL.

2. Select “Student” > “Registration” > “Add or Drop Classes”

3. Make sure to select the correct term you are registering for then click “Submit.”

4. Enter the PIN number given to you by your advisor and click “Submit.”

5. Add the CRN number for your classes in the white boxes toward the bottom of the screen and click “Submit Changes.”

6. Check for any registration errors. If you experience a registration error, reach out to your advisor or the Academic Advising Center and we would be happy to explain the issue and offer a solution or alternative.

If there are no errors and your class says *Web Registered* then you have successfully registered for your classes.  For assistance, contact your advisor or an advisor in the AAC.