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Mission Statement

The mission of the Honors Program at Shepherd University is to create an academic environment in which students can experience education in a dynamic and interactive way. Through seminars that promote active engagement in the subject area, independent research, a student-centered curriculum, and innovative teaching techniques, students in the Honors Program have the opportunity to become more self-directed in their learning. In the Honors Program, education does not simply take place in the classroom or through texts. Students become directly involved in the area of study through field trips, one-to-one interaction with their professors and classmates, and a variety of activities outside the classroom, including international and domestic travel. In addition to expanding the students’ academic horizons, the Honors Program encourages student leadership and service to the community. The aim is to create graduates of Shepherd’s Honors Program who are independent thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible, socially conscious citizens. Honors students will leave Shepherd equipped to attend the finest graduate schools in the country and to be successful as solid contributors in their chosen professional careers.