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Home School Students

Applying to Shepherd University

  1. Complete the application for admission.
  2. Submit a high school transcript (if under the umbrella of a diploma-granting organization)
  3. In absence of such a document, please submit official GED/TASC scores or a document detailing courses taken and grades earned as part of the student’s high school curriculum
  4. Send official ACT and SAT scores (optional)
  5. Send official transcripts from any college or universities attended (if applicable).
  6. Send AP tests scores (if applicable).

Home School Dual Enrollment

Local students from the state of West Virginia may be enrolled in both high school and college simultaneously. After the completion of their sophomore year in high school, students are eligible to submit a Dual Enrollment application for admission to the University to enroll in up to 11 credits per semester.

To apply for Dual Enrollment, students will need to submit:

  1. Completed High School Dual Enrollment Application.
  2. Copy of high school transcript or letter from home school evaluator confirming the student is working at the high school junior level.
  3. Official Copy of high school transcript indicating a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  4. If wishing to enroll in a college level Math or English course at Shepherd, students must submit ACT or SAT scores and meet placement requirements. 

Opportunities for early enrollment are for students of junior and senior status in the high schools. Any exception must be approved by Shepherd University’s Dual Enrollment Coordinator and Provost.