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Dr. Du-Shieng Chien Visits Campus to Discuss Clinical Drug Trials

President Mary J.C. Hendrix met with Dr. Du-Shieng Chien

President Mary J.C. Hendrix and Dr. Du-Shieng Chien

President Mary J.C. Hendrix and Dr. Du-Shieng Chien, the president and founder of TaiRX, Inc., recently met to discuss ongoing research and the clinical trials in progress pertinent to a novel cancer drug, CVM-1118, developed by the company.

Dr. Hendrix’s laboratory is exploring whether the drug slows the growth of tumor cell-formed blood vessels created within metastatic cancers, preventing them from growing and spreading. The TaiRX website provides background information regarding CVM-1118 as a small molecule being developed into the next generation oral anti-cancer drug, and has shown great potential to slow breast, ovarian, colon, and liver cancer in animal models.

The initial research indicated that the drug is effective in targeting tumor cells, so TaiRx is now pursuing United States Food and Drug Administration approval and conducting phase I clinical trials to determine safety and dosage. Hendrix’s research team continues to explore how the drug works at the molecular level and whether there are tolerable side effects.

“As cancer biologists, we appreciate the opportunity to work with a distinguished pharmaceutical partner like TaiRx, Inc. We are at the interface of translating basic scientific discoveries into clinical practice. Most noteworthy, we are providing research training experience for our students who are the next generation of innovators,” Hendrix said.