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College of Business Help Desk

COB Help Desk, White Hall Room 213

Welcome to our COB Help Desk Graduate Assistants, Sara Hohn & Stephen Rivera!

Help Desk Spring 2024 schedule

College of Business Tour –

Please let Sara and Stephen know if you’d like a tour of our  computer lab, or learn about the opportunities offered by the college of Business.

Get in touch with the Help Desk in general by email at 

Help topics about the College of Business:   professors, courses, faculty assignments, on-line learning.

If you need extra clarification or guidance about course work, we are here for that too. 

We are graduate students who have been where you are; we can provide clarity from a student perspective. 

We are here to help you be as successful as possible!

The College of Business Help Desk is a resource for students who have questions about the business program in general, or may need help with their business, economics/finance, and/or accounting courses. It is a place where students can come to receive guidance with course work that they need help with.

This is a great spot for students to receive the support they need when they find themselves wanting extra clarification on any aspects pertaining to the College of Business.  The Help Desk assistants are trained graduate students, allowing for a comfortable atmosphere on a student-to-student level.

It is also a place where professors can receive feedback about where their students are getting confused and requesting additional help.  The Help Desk assistants can report directly to professors about the content that is causing the students confusion.

How to read the class schedule This video will help you find what classes are available in each semester.

How to register for classes – Once you have determined what classes you need from the degree evaluation and have identified the classes you wanted to take from the class schedule, this video shows you how to register for classes.

How to read the degree evaluation – This video tells you what courses you need to take in order to graduate from the program.