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Hazardous Waste Labeling

Hazardous Waste Labeling

Each container of hazardous waste must be properly labeled.  Unlabeled and improperly labeled containers of hazardous waste are US EPA and WV DEP violations.  Unlabeled containers also violate other health and safety regulations (e.g. OSHA) and codes (e.g. NFPA).  More importantly, unlabeled or improperly labeled containers of hazardous waste are health and safety hazards.  At minimum, each hazardous waste container must be clearly labeled with the following information:

“Hazardous Waste”

All hazardous waste containers must be labeled with the words “Hazardous Waste.” The words “Hazardous Waste” indicate that a waste determination has been made of the waste.  Hazardous waste containers without the words “Hazardous Waste” can lead to labeling violations and waste determination violations.


Each label must include the contents of each waste container.  No abbreviations, chemical formulas or other forms of shorthand may be used when labeling the contents of a hazardous waste container.  Smaller containers can be overpacked in larger containers to provide space for the contents of the container to be communicated. Without communicating the contents of a hazardous waste container on a label, the proper handling, storage and ultimate treatment/disposal can be jeopardized.  Unknown containers of waste may require an an analysis of the waste to be made which can be expensive to perform.

Accumulation Start Date

The date on which a waste was first accumulated must be on each hazardous waste container. This ensures that waste containers are not held for extended period of times and allows for accurate monthly accounting of waste.

Sample Hazardous Waste Labels

IMPORTANT:  Do not use hazardous waste labels to label non-hazardous waste containers.  Label non-hazardous waste containers for collection with the words “Non-Hazardous Waste” or a Non RCRA-Regulated Waste Label.