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Group Counseling

Group counseling is another way of expanding our mental health offerings to students who share similar concerns, experiences, and are willing to participate with peers in self-improvement. Group is an opportunity to learn new skills, make suggestions and receive helpful feedback from other group participants, under the direction of a group leader.

Group leaders may be qualified mental health professionals, Counseling Services interns, peer leaders, fellow students, and more, who can share their unique expertise, facilitate group lessons, and ensure healthy boundaries around the group topic.

Group members are invited but not obligated to share their stories and experiences for the benefit of the group. Group leaders and members are expected to maintain confidentiality to promote an emotionally safe space to learn and grow.  Group counseling sessions should always be safe, respectful, and inclusive.

Group Counseling Opportunities

Please check out our Counseling Services’ Rampulse page to see when & where to join one of our group offerings (you need to be logged in to Rampulse to see all events)! All groups are open to new members, and there is no commitment. We look forward to seeing you!

The Well is located in the Ground Floor of Gardiner Hall – G25-27. Please use the rear entrance to enter the building, then turn right.

Group Schedule:

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