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Graduate in Four Years

Undergraduate students need at least 120 credit hours to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree. If a student’s goal is to graduate “on time” in four years, they should be taking an average of 15 credit hours per semester (not including summer sessions).

It is important that the classes students take are counting toward their degree requirements. Taking classes outside of the degree requirements may set them back from graduating in four years or interfere with their financial aid and/or athletic eligibility. Students, please reference your program of study in the University Catalog when planning which classes to register for. We encourage students to regularly meet with their advisors and to utilize the Advising Assistance Center to ensure they are on track to graduate on time.

Why is it important to graduate in four years?

Shepherd University is advertised as a four-year institution, which means we want students to waste no time in classes unnecessary for graduation. Students who take more than four years are still successful graduates. They may have experienced lost credits due to transfer or changing majors, or they may have had complications completing certain classes with passing grades. If you are a student who is struggling with coursework, we advise you to speak with your professor(s) for guidance or schedule a meeting with a tutor here.

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