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Global Studies at Shepherd University is an interdisciplinary B.A. program that combines courses in the social sciences, arts, humanities, natural sciences, and professional fields. If you are interested in global issues and a more in-depth understanding of today’s interdependent world, then this program is for you. Welcome!

Global Studies will prepare you to thrive and excel in cross-cultural, multilingual environments. Courses in geography, history, politics, economics, business, culture, the arts, and a broad range of global issues will build your cultural competence and make you competitive for a long list of exciting careers. Students with international knowledge and experience are competitive for jobs in diplomacy, humanitarian service, international business and marketing, education, military service, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and other arenas with a strong international focus. Students will also have a solid grounding for graduate study in areas such as international affairs, global finance, cultural and regional geography, and international organizations.  A Global Studies major is also good preparation for students interested in pursuing careers in global legal fields like maritime and environmental law.

Shepherd University is uniquely positioned as a gateway to the metropolitan areas of Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Nearby are ample opportunities for experiential learning in government agencies, international marketing firms, law firms, embassies and consulates, non-profit and research institutions with an international focus, and a host of corporate headquarters, including many in global hospitality. This is rich terrain for field trips, internships, and practicums intended to foster global awareness and intercultural understanding. 

The Global Studies faculty represents a breadth of teaching disciplines, research specialties, and personal and professional experiences. The program is overseen by a director who works closely with the study abroad director to coordinate international/intercultural experiences for students in the program. For further information contact Dr. Marat Akopian, Global Studies Director, White Hall 319, and Dr. Sam Greene, Department Chair and Study Abroad Director, White Hall 322.

The Global Studies One-Page Summary:  GlobalStudies-OP-2022

The Global Studies Major offers four concentrations:

1.  Global Governance and Peace

Courses in the Global Governance and Peace concentration focus on the political aspects of the consequences of globalization.  This includes challenges to traditional governance on the local, national, regional and global level.  

2.  Global Economics and Development

Courses in the Global Economics and Development concentration focus on the economic aspects of globalization.  This includes the challenges presented by the economic processes of markets on societies and resources.

3.  Global Environments

Courses in the Global Environments concentration focus on the science aspects of globalization.  This includes issues of health, the environment, technology, and information and communication.

4.  Global Culture and History

Courses in the Global Culture and History concentration focus on the historical and cultural aspects of globalization.  Issues include the tensions between the local ways of life and the pressures of transnational cultures and identities.

Requirements include a Regional Concentration, a Second Language, and an International Experience.  The program offers Regional Concentrations in Africa and the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.  The University offers extensive language programs in Spanish, French, and German, while other language options are available through cooperation with nearby colleges and universities.  The International Experience can be fulfilled through study abroad or an international oriented internship in or out of country.  These requirements will prepare students to excel in a cross-cultural, multilingual environments and for today’s interdependent world.

For more information, contact the Global Studies Director, Dr. Marat Akopian, White Hall 319.