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Global Studies B.A. Course Outline

Students intending to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies need to fulfill certain requirements which can be downloaded by clicking on this link: Global Studies B.A. Course Outline.

Concentrations and Core Curriculum requirements:  As for every student, Global Studies majors must complete Shepherd University’s Core Curriculum requirements.  Each Global Studies major will complete a required Core Curriculum course as a pre-requisite for their respective concentration. Students choose one of the four concentrations listed below.

Students will complete 15 credits from the courses listed under their chosen concentration; 9 of those credits must be upper level courses (300 or 400).

Global Studies Core Courses:  There are seven (7) required core courses in the Global Studies B.A. program.  These are GLBL 200 Introduction to Global Studies; GLBL 350 Cultural Competence and Engagement; GLBL 400 Research Design and Methods; GLBL 450 Capstone in Global Studies; GEOG 202 World Regions; SOCI 307 Population and Development; and PSCI 405 International Political Economy.

Regional courses:  All Global Studies majors are required to complete 6 credit hours of regional courses, e.g., regional geography, history, or political science.

Language Requirement:  As for all Bachelor of Arts students at Shepherd, Global Studies majors are required to complete 12 credit hours in a foreign language.  The Department of English and Modern Languages offers sequences in Spanish, French, and German.  Students interested in other languages are encouraged to pursue those possibilities through other universities or through a study abroad program.