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The Model United Nations Project is a program within the internationalization process at Shepherd University with the objective to introduce college and high school students to global problems and international diplomacy through participation in Model United Nations Conferences (tournaments). In these conferences students will represent a country at the United Nations and, through role play, negotiate a resolution for the problems posed to them. Participation in Model United Nations Conferences provides students with an international experience which mimics real life experiences in which they have to apply research, diplomatic, critical thinking, public speaking, negotiating, writing, and social skills. The students are exposed to cultural diversity and different points of view and opinions, often having to defend an opinion or point of view they originally did not share.


We thank our past and current donors who made this possible. It is through your generosity our students have had amazing educational experiences! Support our Model United Nations this #GivingTuesday as your support is always appreciative.

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Congratulations to our Model United Nations team who participated in the National Model United Nations Conference this November where they negotiated with over 1000 students from 80 different universities and colleges from 21 different countries. Last year the team competed against all Ivy League universities and the top 10 nationally ranked teams and held their own. Students have participated in 4 Model United Nations conferences with great success winning success.