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Center for Regional Innovation

Shepherd University has established a Center for Regional Innovation where business, industry, community organizations, and Shepherd faculty and students will be able to work together to develop new ideas that can lead to economic growth for the region.

“Shepherd is poised to establish the physical space and the collaborative environment that will lead to economic transformation for the region and the state,” said Dr. Mary J.C. Hendrix, Shepherd president. “Establishing the Center for Regional Innovation will unite and empower the people and ideas of our region for a future of opportunity and growth.”


The recipe for a big idea often starts with getting the right players in the same place at the same time. The Center for Regional Innovation at Shepherd University will attract current and future leaders and give their ideas space to take shape and take off.

Make a Gift Today!


Thank you to our donors who have made a 3-D printer purchase a reality for the Center for Regional Innovation. This technology will provide real-world conceptualization, design, and creation experience through wider access to 3D printing.