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Core Curriculum Requirement

Your key to college success! A first-year experience (FYEX) class is a core curriculum requirement for all first-year students.  These courses are designed to help you transition into the university community of scholars and learn about Shepherd’s campus, our wide array of support services, and important policies and procedures. You’ll be introduced to the core curriculum competencies of information literacy, wellness, lifelong learning, experiential learning, and wellness.

The first-year experience requirement may be filled by taking one of the following 1- credit courses:

  1. FYEX 101 – Freshman Seminar
  2. FYEX 102 – Interest Group
  3. *Departmental First-Year Experience Course (if offered) in the major that has been designated as fulfilling first-year experience core-curriculum competencies
  4. ATHC 101 – for athletes

*Your advisor will guide you as to which first-year experience option is most appropriate for you.  Please note that some students may be required to take multiple FYEX courses depending on major and other factors.