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Friends of Popodicon sponsor garden party

The Friends of Popodicon sponsored a garden party August 24 to thank those individuals who have donated time, money, and items to the house and garden renovations. Among the guests was Julia “Happy” Potts Grehan of Mobile, Alabama, who grew up in Popodicon. Grehan gave several pieces of original furniture back to the house. Grehan’s grandparents, Henry W. and Eleanor Potts, built Popodicon in 1907. Grehan enjoyed showing two of her granddaughters, who are students at the University of  Virginia, through the house and reminiscing about what it was like growing up there. Additional photos are available at

President Mary J.C. Hendrix (r.) poses with Julia “Happy” Potts Grehan and her granddaughters, Julia Grehan and Meredith Grehan (1.) in front of one of the pieces of furniture Grehan donated to Popodicon.

Among the guests at the Popodicon garden party were (l. to r.) Board of Governors member Tia McMillan, John Miller, and Denny Small.