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Filing A Complaint

Any member of the University community may file (and is responsible for filing) a complaint against an individual who allegedly violates the rights of another person or a Shepherd University regulation or policy (see Disciplinary Procedures for more detailed information).

Shepherd University strongly supports the vigorous prosecution in the State courts of any person who commits a felony within the jurisdiction of the University. Students who are victims of felonies are strongly encouraged to file such complaints with the West Virginia State Police, as well as with the University. Whenever a written complaint is presented to a university police officer or Student Affairs, the State Police will be notified of any alleged felony if they have not been previously notified. Notification will include the offense alleged and the name of the alleged perpetrator but disclosure of the victim’s identity will be at the election of the student victim, unless disclosure by a University official is legally compelled.

I. Students who are victims of a crime or persons wishing to report a crime, should contact the University Police at Call Boxes throughout the campus or at their office in Moler Hall.

II. Students who wish to report a violation of a campus policy or wish to file a complaint against another student should contact the Dean of Students or any administrator in the Student Affairs Office or Residence Life.

III. Students who are victims of sexual assault and/or sexual harassment see section on MORE INFORMATION ON HARASSMENT, SEXUAL HARASSMENT, and SEXUAL ASSAULT in the Student Handbook.

Dr. Thomas Segar

Vice President for Student Affairs