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Faculty Scholarship Fund


The Scholarship Fund was established for the purpose of awarding scholarships to full-time and part-time Shepherd University students or incoming first year students who are the dependents, relatives, or spouses of full-time and adjunct faculty. The scholarships will be used exclusively by the student recipients for University expenses in pursuit of Shepherd University degrees.


The Faculty Senate Scholarships and Awards Committee will be responsible for raising monies for the Fund and for selecting the recipients of the Scholarships. Scholarship and Awards Committee membership, as specified in Senate Bylaws, is as follows:

Criteria for Application and Selection

All full-time and part-time Shepherd University students or incoming freshmen who are the dependents, relatives, or spouses of full-time and adjunct faculty may apply for the scholarship, which may be used for books, fees, tuition, or other expenses directly related to expenses incurred attending Shepherd University. Applicants must meet admission requirements as stated in the current University catalog. Selection of recipients will be based upon:

  1. need assessment;
  2. cumulative high school or Shepherd GPA of 2.5 or better
  3. two significant letters of recommendation
  4. letter from applicant stating why he/she is applying for scholarship
  5. application process completion by the March 1 deadline.


  1. The Scholarships and Awards Committee will publish scholarship procedures and deadlines by February 1 of each academic year.
  2. Applicants must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or a renewal application at specified by March 1.
  3. Application forms will be submitted to the Coordinator for the Faculty Scholarship by the March 1.
  4. Forms must include permission for the Committee to obtain need data from the Financial Aid Office and test and grade reports from the Admissions Office and the Registrar’s Office.
  5. The Committee will need documentation from the applicant confirming the relationship between the student and the Shepherd University faculty member.
  6. The Committee will process applications and determine awards by May 1. The Financial Aid Office will notify the students of their awards.
  7. Scholarships must be reapplied for each year.

For information or to receive the brochure application form, contact the Financial Aid Office or Christine Meyer at 304-876-5526 or at or download the file HERE.

Contribute to the Faculty Scholarship by contacting Christine Meyer at ext. 5526 or at; ask for a payroll deduction form or download the form HERE.