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Public Sector Programs

Need:┬áRecent revelations and prosecutions of unethical practices within all levels of government are diminishing America’s belief in the honesty and integrity of our elected and appointed leaders. Such stains on the leadership and institutions of our society diminish the ability of government to serve its citizens effectively by generating within the populace mistrust of ALL such institutions.

In the long run, this mistrust and cynicism greatly harms America’s ability to retain its unique character and strengths. Criminal and unethical behavior will always be with us, but by educating our citizens in the precepts of the Founding Fathers, we will strive to reduce such negative influences and restore a sense of confidence in our leaders and the appropriateness of government policies.

Audience: It is important to develop ethical values in young people as part of their civics curriculum. It also important to directly engage candidates, elected officials, appointed officials, and career officials at all levels of government. Programs would, therefore, be designed for all ages and be available through a wide range of media.