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Engineering Courses

Number Name Notes
ENGR 100 Freshman Seminar (FYEX) Fall only
ENGR 101 Engineering I Fall only
ENGR 102 Engineering II Spring only
ENGR 221 Intro to Electrical Engineering Fall only
ENGR 222 Electrical Engineering Laboratory Fall only
ENGR 224 Electrical Circuits Spring only
ENGR 225 Electrical Circuits Lab
Spring only
ENGR 242 Engineering Dynamics Spring only
ENGR 241 Engineering Statics Fall only
ENGR 243 Engineering Mechanics of Materials Spring only
ENGR 301 Engineering Thermodynamics Alternate Fall semesters – ask your advisor
ENGR 305 Digital Logic Design & Lab Spring only
ENGR 326 Signal Processing Fall only
ENGR 350 Robotics Seminar Fall only
ENGR 351 Intro to Fluid Mechanics Alternate Fall semesters – ask your advisor
ENGR 399A Digital Fabrication Cross listed as ART 340
ENGR 498 Engineering Capstone I Fall only
ENGR 490 Engineering Capstone II Spring only

Courses offered based on demand — ask your advisor: