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Emerita/Emeritus Faculty

Doug Staff PicDoug Horner  MSW, Ph. D Emeritus Faculty Social Work/Shepherd University

• Ph.D. May, 1992 University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Social Work
• MSW Dec., 1975 University of Pittsburgh
• B.A. May., 1974 Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Professional Memberships:
• National Association of Social Workers
• Council on Social Work Education
• Bachelor Program Directors Association
• West Virginia Social Work Education Consortium
• Alpha Kappa Delta

• Ph.D. Dissertation — Selected Factors Affecting Utilization of Social Services by Women Clients of Two Domestic Violence Shelters. Aug., 1992. University Microfilms.

Professional Papers and Presentations:
• “The Effects of Parental Education Attainment Levels and Academic Achievement: A Longitudinal Study of the Freshman Year”. Presented at the 9th International conference on the Freshman Year Experience. St. Andrews University, Scotland, U.K., July 14, 1996.
• “The Criminal, the Court, and the Community: What Social Scientists can do for Trail Attorneys”. Presented to the West Virginia Trial Lawyers Association Conference, Charleston, WV., June 7, 1996.
• “The 1990 West Virginia Teachers Strike: An Application of Smelser’s Value-Added Theory”. Presented to the Popular Culture Conference, Louisville, KY., March 20, 1992.

Sponsored Research Projects:
• “Employment for Rural West Virginians with Disabilities” Funded by: US Dept. of Agriculture, Small Business Innovation Research Program; Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Services; Rural and Community Development. Grant # 98-00322. Aug., 1997-Dec., 1998.

Jennifer Soule, Ph.D LICSW, MFA Professor Emerita Social Work/Shepherd University
My years at Shepherd are the heart of my professional life. I greatly enjoyed my time as a social
work professor and department chair/program director. I relished teaching and being an active
member in academic and social work communities. After retirement, I turned to poetry and
earned a Master in Fine Arts in Writing with an emphasis on poetry. My undergraduate degree
with a double major in English and Sociology was an early focus on my twin passions—
literature and social change in the larger world. I grew up in South Dakota with the privilege of a
big sky/land canvas that allowed me to believe anything is possible anywhere.
A career in social work was the perfect choice for me. I believe and hope that social work
students and graduates today would enjoy the same fulfillment in their professional lives. With a
strong foundation in the humanities and the depth and breadth of the biopsychosocial
underpinnings social work is a multifaceted career. It allows flexibility and options across the
lifespan of both workers and clients. Social work is a vibrant field with many opportunities for
growth and little room for boredom. It is my life’s work and I highly recommend it!
2008: MFA in Creative Writing, University of Nebraska
1982: PhD, University of Maryland, School of Social Work and Community Planning
Dissertation: “Influence of Attitudes of Students and Other Health and Human Service
Professionals in Their Assessment of Sexual Behavior.” Director: Dr. Paul H. Ephross.
Graduate assistant: 1976-1978
1974: MSW, West Virginia University, Graduate School of Social Work
1969: BA, University of South Dakota
Majors: sociology and English
Minors: psychology and French
1980-1999: Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, West Virginia
Professor and Chair, Department of Social Work; Co-coordinator, Women’s Studies
Program; Director, Community Service Learning
1976-1980: Instructor and Fieldwork Supervisor, School of Social Work and Community
Planning, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Maryland
1974-1976: Instructor and Fieldwork Supervisor, Social Work Department, Murray State
University, Murray, Kentucky
2004-2005 Social worker, Mental Health, Addictive Disorders Service System, Black Hills VA,
Hot Springs, South Dakota
1982-1999: Clinical practitioner, Shepherdstown, West Virginia
1975-1976: Social worker and clinician, Comprehensive Care Center (mental health), Murray,
1973-1974: Social worker and clinician, Valley Comprehensive Community Mental Health
Center, Morgantown, West Virginia
1972-1973: Lobbyist, Legislative Office, National Organization for Women (NOW),
Washington, D.C.
1969-1971: Community organizer, Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)
“Using Memoir and Poetry in Teaching and Treatment” with Dr. Geri Crawley-Woods
40th Annual National Institute on Social Work and Human Services in Rural Areas
Vermillion, South Dakota 2015
“The Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians.” Western Studies Conference. Sioux Falls, South
Dakota. 2002.
“Homelessness in Rural America.” Annual Rural Social Work Conference. Salisbury, Maryland.
July 1999
“Colleges and Community Learning: Two-way Bridges.” National Society for Experiential
Education. Snowbird, Utah. 1996.
“Research as Service: An Ethnographic Study of Family Needs.” International Conference on
Experiential Education. Washington, D.C. 1994.
“College Students Help Bridge Service Delivery Gaps in Rural Communities through Service
Learning.” Eighteenth National Institute on Social Work and Human Services in Rural
Areas. Oxford, Georgia. July 1993.
“Beginner’s Mind” Reflections (Fall 2007)
“Reflections on Social Work for Graduates.” The New Social Worker. 11:3 (Summer 2004).
Bethany House: Photographs and Words, with Benita Keller exhibition at the Frank Arts
Center, Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, West Virginia, January 1999).
“Death at the Hiawatha Asylum for Insane Indians,” with Bradley Soule. South Dakota Journal
of Medicine 56.1 (January 2003).
“At Home with Poor Women and Children: My Sabbatical at Bethany House.” Reflections
(Summer 2000).
“Social Work Students’ Knowledge of Feminism” (with C. Munson). Journal of Teaching in
Social Work 16.1-2 (1998).
Review essay (K. Weingarte and M. Bog’rad, Reflections on Feminist Family Therapy Training,
and M. Hill and E. D. Rothblum, Couples Therapy: Feminist Perspectives). Affilia
(Winter 1997).
“The Partnership Model: A Feminist Supervision/Consultation Perspective” (with C. Munson).
The Clinical Supervisor (Spring 1995).
Review of A. A. Roberts, Social Work in Juvenile and Criminal Justice Settings. The Clinical
Supervisor (Summer 1985).
South Dakota: Sunsets and Snowstorms chapbook (self-published)
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