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Emeriti Faculty and Staff Benefits

Retired Shepherd University faculty and staff who have been granted emeritus status are entitled to many of the same benefits to which active employees are entitled.  Emeriti faculty and staff should retain their Rambler Card when they retire; it will be needed in order to access many of the benefits listed below.

Shepherd University Email Accounts

Emeriti faculty and staff may retain their Shepherd University email account.  By remaining on the employee listserv(s) they will continue to see announcements of campus events and other relevant information.

Arts and Cultural Events

Reduced admission rates are offered to emeriti faculty and staff for many campus events.  Examples of such activities include student musical and theatrical performances and events sponsored by the Performing Arts Series at Shepherd (PASS) and the Contemporary American Theater Festival (CATF).

Athletic Events

Emeriti faculty and staff are eligible for free access to Shepherd University athletic events.  Each faculty and staff member may bring one guest to these events, also at no charge.


Faculty and staff with emeritus status are eligible for the same discount that is available to active employees in the University Bookstore.  The Bookstore offers a complete line of trade books, textbooks, school supplies, office supplies, clothing, imprinted items, and miscellaneous items.

Library Privileges

Emeriti faculty and staff may use the facilities, collections, and information services of the Scarborough Library.

Wellness Center

The Shepherd University Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art facility which includes a swimming pool, exercise equipment, and a running/walking track.  Emeriti faculty and staff are eligible for the employee discount for Wellness Center memberships.

Tuition Waivers

Faculty and staff with emeritus status are eligible for tuition waivers of up to six credits per semester of graduate or undergraduate courses.  Please click here for instructions on how to access this benefit.  Emeriti faculty and staff are not eligible for the Spouse or Dependent Tuition Waiver program.

Shepherd University Faculty Emeriti

Dr. Charlotte R. Anderson, Professor Emerita of Nursing Education, 1975-2010
Dr. Barbara Beard, Professor Emerita of Business Administration, 1976-2001
Dr. Carl F. Bell, Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1961-2015
Katie J. Begole, Assistant Professor Emerita of Family and Consumer Sciences, 1969-1997
Dr. Roland W. Bergman, Professor Emeritus of Geography, 1974-2018
Dr. Philip Bufithis, Professor Emeritus of English. 1971-2004
Dr. James A. Butcher, President Emeritus, 1968-1988
Dr. Charles W. Carter, Professor Emeritus of English, 1972-2010
Dr. Robert A. Cleminson, Professor Emeritus of Education, 1972-2002
Gayle L. Connor, Athletic Trainer and Clinical Instructor Emeritus in Physical Education, 1984-2015
Dr. Kathleen M. Corpus, Associate Professor Emerita of Family and Consumer Sciences, 2008-2018
Dr. K. Farrell Coy, Professor Emeritus of Music, 1967-1998
Dr. Gordon G. DeMerritt, Associate Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, 2003-2018
Kathy B. Dilley, Associate Professor Emerita of Nursing Education, 1993-2015
Dr. David L. Dunlop, President Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Science Education, 1996-2007
Dr. Linda S. Dunn, Professor Emerita of Education, 1976-88 and 2005-2010
Dr. Denise P. Eggleston, Associate Professor Emerita of Education, 1976-1998
David E. Fincham, Assistant Professor Emeritus of Physical Education, 1968-2015
Charles H. Freeland, Associate Professor Emeritus of Education, 1963-1988
Dr. Mary M. Galligan, Associate Professor of Business Administration, 2001-2016
Dr. Richard L. Gibson, Associate Professor Emeritus of Physical Education, 1976-2013
Dr. Anders H. Henriksson, Professor Emeritus of History, 1985-2016
Ann W. Henriksson, Lecturer/Associate Librarian Emerita, 1986-2016
Dr. Donald L. Henry, Professor Emeritus of Physics. 1985-2009
Beverly K. Holden, Associate Professor Emerita of Physical Education, 1966-1998
Dr. James C. Holland, Professor Emeritus of History, 1971-2004
Dr. Douglas Charles Horner, Professor Emeritus of Social Work, 1976-2016
Dr. J. Michael Jacobs, Professor Emeritus of Physical Education, 1971-2011
Dr. Arreta Jaranko, Professor Emerita of Education, 1971-1987
Barbara Kemerer, Associate Professor Emerita of Nursing Education, 1996-2015
Anne L. Kerfoot, Assistant Professor Emerita of Computer and Information Sciences, 1982-2002
Dr. John P. King, Professor Emeritus of Education, 1970-1998
Dr. Linda P. Kinney, Associate Professor Emerita of Economics, 1994-2018
Dr. Suda Kunyosying, Professor Emerita of Mathematics, 1985-2008
Dr. John C. Landolt, Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1970-2008
Dr. Richard L. Latterell, Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1968-1992
Dr. James A. Lewin, Professor Emeritus of English, 1995-2018
Dr. Burton C. Lidgerding, Associate Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1991-2015
Barbara A. Maxwell, Associate Librarian Emerita, 1966-2011
Dr. Peter C. Morris, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, 1972-2005
Dr. Betty Myers, Associate Professor Emerita of Education, 1985-2005
Mary Porter, Professor Emerita of Nursing, 1985-2003
Dr. James A. Romano, Professor Emeritus of Computer Information Sciences, 1972-2018
Dr. Hang Yul Rhee, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science, 1968-2009
Dr. Ellen R. Sallee, Professor Emerita of Education, 1994-2006
Dr. John F. Schmidt, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, 1968-2008
Dr. John A. Schultz, Associate Professor Emeritus of Economics, 1988-2017
Dr. Phillip D. Simpson, Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1978-2016
Dr. Jerry M. Smith, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, 1964-1999

Rhonda J. Smith, Professor Emerita of Art, 1987-2018
Dr. Jennifer H. Soule, Professor Emerita of Social Work, 1980-1999
Dr. John E. Stealey III, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History, 1969-2011
Dr. Patricia T. Stealey, Associate Professor Emerita of Family and Consumer Sciences, 1969-2008
Dr. Mark Stern, University Professor Emeritus of Political Science, 1994-2013
Dr. Franklin W. Sturges, Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1972-1990
Joseph W. Thatcher, Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting, 1984-2013
Dr. Jerry B. Thomas, Professor Emeritus of History, 1972-2009
Dr. Eugene J. Volker, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, 1969-2012
Dr. Joyce Webb, Associate Professor Emerita of Communication, 1979-2014
George A. Wilson, Assistant Professor Emeritus of Communications, 1970-1998
Dr. John E. Winters, Associate Professor Emeritus of English, 1970-1998
Dr. Denis J. Woods,  Associate Professor Emeritus of Political Science, 1992-2010
Charles H. Woodward, Associate Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1964-1998
Melvin C. Wyler, Assistant Professor Emeritus of Speech, 1968-1980

Shepherd University Staff Emeriti

Dr. John Adams, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Emeritus, 1971-2013
Marsha Branch, Staff Emerita, 1978-2016
Barbara Byers, Director Emerita for Counseling Services, 2000-2014
David Cole, Staff Emeritus, 1995-2016
Sandy Collier, Assistant Director Emerita Auxiliary Enterprises, 1981-2013
Larry Dowdy, Staff Emeritus, 1989-2017
Nancy Gunther-Snyder, Staff Emerita, 1983-2016
Geraldine Hammond, Staff Emerita, 1981-2015
Loretta Holmes, Staff Emerita, 1975-2015
Robert Jenkins, Campus Service Worker Emeritus, 1969-2000
Brenda Branson Johnson, Staff Emerita, 1974-2016
Melinda Landolt, Library Senior Cataloging Assistant Emerita, 1975-2007
Haydon Rudolf, Assistant Dean Emeritus of Student Affairs, 1973-1999
Joan Pope, Senior Women’s Athletics Administrator Emerita, 1988-2014
Sandra K. Pounds, Staff Emerita, 1992-2017
Paul Schwan, Staff Emeritus, 1987-2016
Wanda G. Smith, Staff Emerita, 1992-2017
Dr. Daniel C. Starliper, Director Emeritus of Human Resources, 1983-2007
Agnes Tabler, Associate Registrar Emerita, 1960-2010
Sandra Van Metre, Associate Director Emerita of Admissions, 1983-2009
Harry Young, Dean Emeritus of Student Affairs, 1969-2000
Patt Welsh, Staff Emerita, 1990-2016
Karl Wolf, Staff Emeritus, 1970-2013