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Emergency and Absentee Notification

Students should contact the Student Affairs Office to obtain an Absentee Notice to be sent from the Dean of Students. Emergency notification will be delivered to each of the student’s professors with dates of absence. Emergency Notifications will not reveal any private or confidential information. Relevant documentation for these absences should be provided if applicable.

Point of Contact

Contact Information

Contact for…

Jacob Mellow, Dean of Students
(304) 876-5307
  • Mental or physical health concerns
  • Family emergencies
  • Death in the family
  • Incapacitating illness or injury
  • Field trips required for other classes
  • Intercollegiate competitions
  • Activities initialing official representation of Shepherd University
  • Hazardous, weather-induced driving conditions (for commuter students only)
  • Other situations which may result in temporary absences from classes

Feel free to contact Student Affairs at
304-876-5030 or for additional support.

Student Health Center
(304) 876-5161
  • COVID-19 emergency notification
Annie Lewin, Director of Social Equity, Title IX Coordinator
(304) 876-5041
  • Gender-based or sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
Counseling Services (304) 876-5161
Schedule Appointment
  • Mental health counseling
Shepherd University Police Department (SUPD) (304) 876-5202 (non-emergency)