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Electronics Recylcing

Electronics Recycling

Electronic equipment that is unable to be donated or reused by Shepherd University is sent to the Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority (JCSWA) for recycling.  Some of the items accepted by the JCSWA for “e-cylcing” include:

Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs)

CRT televisions and computer monitors have special management requirements under US EPA and WV DEP regulations. CRTs are considered hazardous wastes due to their lead content. CRTs, however, are exempt from solid waste and hazardous waste regulation if they are to be recycled. At Shepherd, CRTs are collected and sent to the JCSWA for recycling. A small fee is assessed by the JCSWA for each CRT offered for recycling by Shepherd University.  CRTs should always be managed in a way that prevents damage or breakage.