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Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety at Shepherd University

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code, West Virginia State Fire Code and other safety codes and regulations do not allow Shepherd University employees to perform some of the same practices on University grounds that they may otherwise perform in their homes. Electrical work should always be performed by those qualified to perform the work. Employees should never perform electrical work that they are not qualified to perform.  Click on the button below to view OSHA’s Quick Card on Electrical Safety.

OSHA Quick Card – Electrical Safety

Extension Cord Safety

NFPA code does not allow for extension cords to be used as many people may use them in their homes. Extension cords are for temporary use only and may not be used as a substitute for fixed permanent wiring. Extension cords should be inspected before each use for defects and damage.  Never use a defective or damaged extension cord. When using extension cords, users should be mindful of their work environment (e.g. construction areas, damp or wet areas, high traffic areas).

 extension cord use do’s and don’t’s:

*If running cords through an aisle, walkway or regular path of travel, precautions should be taken to avoid creating hazards, such as a trip hazard.

^If running cords through doorways or windows, precautions should be taken to ensure the cord will not be damaged.  Precautions should also be taken to avoid creating trip hazards.