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Dr. Joshua H. Stout


Dr. Stout joined Shepherd University in the Fall of 2022. He teaches Criminal Justices courses such as Probation and Parole (CRIM440) and Criminal Investigation (CRIM315), and General Sociology (SOCI203). Dr. Stout has also previously taught Sociological Theory, Sociology of Art and Culture, and Social Problems. He also provides support for the Delaware Department of Justice Drug Overdose Fatality Review Commission on evaluating state-level responses to the opioid epidemic and serves as an advisory board member for the advocacy group atTAcK addiction. Dr. Stout is a certified instructor for the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program.

 Dr. Stout’s interests primarily focus on the opioid epidemic and the war on drugs. His dissertation and recent publications focus on the impact of stigma on family and friends bereaved by a drug overdose death and systems of mutual aid created in the aftermath of such loss. Currently, he is expanding on this work to examine police responses to opioid overdoses and the historical impacts of the stigmatization of substance use on policies and practices within the criminal justice system. Dr. Stout was recently awarded the Graduate Student Paper Award from the Social Problems Theory Division of the Society for the Study of Social Problems for his comparative analysis of moral panics during prohibition and the opioid epidemic.

 Currently, Dr. Stout is working with Dr. Benjamin Fleury-Steiner of the University of Delaware on the Overdose Bereavement Project. You may download his recent publications and follow his research on Research Gate.

You can find more information, including research updates on Research Gate.

Curriculum Vitae


Stout, Joshua H. & Benjamin Fleury-Steiner. 2023 [Forthcoming]. “Belonging and Empowerment:Drug-Related Death Bereaved Experiences with Community Services.” In The Routledge International Handbook of Drug-Related Death Bereavement, edited by K. Dryregrov, K. B. Titlestad, and M. Stroebe. London: Routledge.

Stout, Joshua H. 2022. “Just What the Doctor Ordered: Medicinal Alcohol, OpioidPrescriptions, and the Accessibility of Folk Devils.” Deviant Behavior: 1-18. DOI: 10.1080/01639625.2022.2041991

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