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Documentation Standards

The purpose of requesting documentation of one’s disability is to consider each person individually, to understand how the individual is impacted, and to help make an informed decision about the need for reasonable accommodations. The more information you share with us, the more it will help us support you. Accessibility Services relies on three sources of information: 

  1. The student self-report (gathered through the completion of the Accommodation Application) 
  2. Documentation from a licensed provider who has an established relationship with the student and can verify a diagnosis and the impact. 
  3. The meeting notes and observations of Accessibility Services staff. 

Acceptable Documentation

A student may provide Accessibility Services with: 

Submitting evidence of a diagnosis alone may not be sufficient to warrant accommodations. If any of the suggested elements are missing from documentation, Accessibility Services may request additional documentation. Please note that you should not delay meeting with us if you are concerned about not having the right documentation. Accessibility Services can discuss specific third-party documentation needs and steps you can take to acquire documentation. 

Documentation Not Accepted

The following are examples of documentation that will not be considered: